Sally Willard

Sally Willard

Candidate for Town Meeting
Precinct 4
Burlington, MA


Rally for Sally

Burlington's Moderators

  1. Donald N. Sleeper, Jr., 1957-1958, 1967
  2. Thomas F. Murphy, 1959-1966
  3. Robert A. Meaney, 1968-1970
  4. Robert H. Gordon, 1971-1978
  5. C. Joseph Brown, 1978-1981
  6. Philip Gallagher, 1981 -1984
  7. Thomas F. Murphy, 1984-1997
  8. Robert Marrano, 1998-2005
  9. Philip Gallagher, 2005-2012
  10. Charles A. Murphy, 2013-2015
  11. Sally Willard, 2015-present

What is the role of the Moderator?

The moderator’s job is to manage the debate and discussion at the Town Meeting. The responsibilities of the Moderator are defined in Burlington's General Bylaw, Article II Section 4.0:

The Town Moderator shall preside at all sessions of the Representative Town Meeting, but he shall have no vote unless the numbers present and voting are equally divided. He may appoint, subject to Town Meeting approval, from among the elected Town Meeting Members, a Deputy Moderator to serve in the event of his absence or disability. In case of the absence or disability of the Moderator and the Deputy Moderator, the Town Meeting shall elect from among its own membership a temporary Moderator to act during said absence or disability.

The Moderator shall appoint the members of a Committee on Ways and Means, and such other committees, special or standing, as may from time to time be established. He shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to the office of the Moderator by Bylaw, rule or other vote of the Town Meeting.

The moderator declares the outcome of all voice or standing votes. Burlington's Moderator appoints members to committees (standing and ad hoc) of Town Meeting.

The Town Moderator in Burlington is elected at the Town Election. The term of office is one (1) year. When the elected moderator is absent, a temporary moderator may be elected at the Town Meeting.

The Moderator may encourage questions and debate essential to presenting Town Meeting Members with more than one point of view on an issue.