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Sally Willard

Candidate for Re-Election
Town Moderator
Burlington, MA


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Why I'm running for Moderator

I’m running for re-election as Town Moderator because I believe a strong Town Meeting needs moderator who is respectful, independent, fair, firm and impartial.

The moderator sets the tone and atmosphere at Town Meeting which directly impacts how Town Meeting Members engage. The moderator’s job is to impartially conduct the proceedings, recognizing members who want to speak and declare the result of the vote. The moderator should encourage all members to participate in Town Meeting proceedings and on committees and not exclude them because they have contrary opinions.

I took courses from the National Association of Parliamentarians in anticipation of my election to have a solid understanding of the rules. My commitment to Town Meeting is to adhere to and respect Roberts Rules of Order, the rules under which TM operates. My job will be to moderate vs. running Town Meeting and to make appointments to committees without prejudice or favoritism.

Burlington has a rich past. The past serves as a solid foundation for the town’s bright future, a future that needs input from all members of the community not just a select few.

I treat people with the respect and I understand that people’s differences (age, physical abilities and social standing) do not disqualify them from holding opinions about warrant articles. On the contrary, it’s these differences that contribute to a healthier dialogue and resolution. My calm and respectful disposition fosters mutual respect which is why I have excellent relationships with Boards and TMMs. I am honored by endorsements from 65 elected and appointed officials, including many longtime, respected TMM's (see list at my website

I expect that new leadership in Town Meeting will encourage greater participation by the community in all aspects of town government. Too often we have races that are either uncontested or for which there are fewer candidates than open seats. Too often people simply don’t want to run against an entrenched incumbency and the same people hold office for as long as they like. This may be one reason that no woman has run for Town Moderator before me. We have a diverse community that would be well served by greater participation and by greater diversity of our elected officials. While about 40 percent of Town Meeting Members are women, there are few women in town-wide elected offices. It’s time for change.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Saturday, April 11th.

My Background

I am the owner and webmaster of Wizard Associates. As a webmaster, I develop and maintain websites for small business and non-profit organizations. Among the local businesses whose sites Wizard Associates manages are A Whole Bunch Flower Market, Versatile Printing, Inc. and Graber Associates. In addition to websites, I assist companies with their social media presence.

Upon starting Wizard Associates in 1994, I helped small businesses with their business plans and budgets. Prior to this I was a Vice President at BayBank. I also worked with and for entrepreneurial businesses, including as the Controller for Playrific, Inc., an angel-funded startup. I was also the executive director of IdeaSphere, a forum for entrepreneurs, where I recruited entrepreneurs to present their companies, organized review sessions and the meetings at which ventures were presented.

I volunteered at BCAT for more than 10 years. I produced my first show, The Entrepreneur's Corner , in 2002 and several others followed. I was a member of the BCAT Board of Directors and served as Treasurer. I have successfully moderated candidate forums for town-wide positions for several years.

When not working, I enjoy golf, cooking and reading. I am in a golf league at the Country Club of Billerica. I compete with my Border Collie-Aussie mix, Bandit, in dog agility events.

I attended Wells College (Aurora, NY) and received a BA with a major in Economics. I earned my MBA at Simmons College, Graduate School of Management.

I have lived on Foster Road in Burlington since 1985.

I was elected to Town Meeting in 1998. I was appointed to the Capital Budget Committee and served as Chair for five (3) years. I was appointed to the Land Use Committee, serving as Chair for six (6) years.