Sally Willard

Sally Willard

Candidate for Town Meeting
Precinct 4
Burlington, MA


Rally for Sally

Elect Sally Willard to Town Meeting on Saturday April 7th!

During my prior campaigns for Town Moderator, I promised to conduct Town Meeting effectively and to encourage debate in a fair, intelligent, and impartial manner. I fulfilled that promise.

I am a candidate to represent Precinct 4 in our town's legislature, Town Meeting. I believe that Town Meeting is participatory democracy at its best.

There are many ways to Increase Community Participation And Interest

Town Meeting gives us voice where it really matters − local government.

Prior to my election as Burlington's Town Moderator (2015), I was an elected Town Meeting Member from Precinct 4. During my years of service, I was a member of the Capital Budget Committee and, later, the Land Use Committee. I chaired these committees for three and six years, respectively.