Thank you for considering Sally Willard for Moderator

Thank you for voting in Burlington's Town elections. I am a candidate for Town Moderator.

The Town Moderator manages Town Meeting, Burlington's elected, legislative body, a body that discusses and votes on financial and zoning matters. A fair and impartial Moderator is essential for a productive and balanced Town Meeting.

I believe I can manage Town Meeting effectively while also encouraging debate on the issues before the body in a fair, intelligent and impartial manner based on my prior leadership roles on various Town related committees. Since I was elected as a Town Meeting Member 17 years ago, I've served on the Capital Budget and Land Use Committees for over 13 years and served as Chair for nine of those years. Additionally, as a volunteer at BCAT for many years, I successfully moderated several candidate forums since 2006.

I believe the Town Moderator position is an extension of my commitment to the town, its issues, residents and its governing.

Learn more about my participation in Town Meeting
I was encouraged to run for Town Meeting by Betty Bullock, a friend, neighbor and fellow small business owner. read more

What is the role of the Moderator?
The moderator’s job is to manage the debate and discussion at the Town Meeting. read more.

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A campaign can only succeed with the help of the community. The campaign has many opportunities for volunteers and welcomes financial contributions as well.